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Facilities - Facility Attendant

Auburn, AL, USA

Student Employment

Responsible for providing a safe and welcoming environment. The individual will monitor and enforce policies, attend monthly meetings, and perform cleaning tasks throughout the building. A facility attendant's shifts will consist of 3-4 hours with 30 minute rotations throughout the building.

Job Type



  • Currently enrolled student of Auburn University

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0

  • Must obtain and maintain a current CPR/First Aid/AED certification.

  • Complete Securing the Human training within one week of email notification (annually)

Job Duties

  • Monitor members in designated areas of the Recreation and Wellness Center to ensure safety and well-being during participation

  • Utilize Fusion software to monitor facility access, check out equipment, make reservations, and complete sales of merchandise

  • Follow established work zone rotations to accomplish assigned tasks throughout the RWC

  • Clean and sanitize RWC and exercise equipment to provide a safe area

  • Greet members and answer phone calls warmly and enthusiastically to create and maintain an atmosphere that cultivates long-term participation

  • Act as a first responder for health and weather-related emergencies

  • Educate members on RWC policies, enforcing them when required

  • Complete cleaning and inventory duties as delegated by supervisor

  • Utilize When to Work to communicate work availability to supervisors and co-workers

  • Effectively use time-management skills for all shifts and essential functions

  • Arrive promptly for shifts, dressed in provided uniforms, presenting a professional appearance and enthusiastic attitude

  • Attend all mandatory in-services and trainings

  • Follow procedures set forth in the employee handbook, as well as all departmental and university policies

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