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Intramural Sports

Play Your Way

Intramural Sports offers individual and team sports for male and female participants in multiple leagues (CoRec, Fraternity, Sorority, and Independent). Team sports include (but are not limited to) flag football, basketball, sand volleyball, and soccer. Special events and tournaments include tennis, golf, swimming, and diving.


Intramural sports offer a great opportunity to engage in competition and meet other students, faculty, and staff. Everyone is welcome, regardless of skill level. 

Keep scrolling for details on how to register, or click below to get started. 

How to Register

All sports are managed on via RWC Connect, Campus Recreation's registration portal. 


  1. Click the link below to access RWC Connect. 

  2. Select the IM Sports icon.

  3. Log in using your Auburn University credentials  (user name and password only). 

  4. You will be referred to a landing page. 

  5. Click the IMLeagues image on that page to access

  6. View and register for any intramural sport. 

student on The Rec baskeball court
How to Register

Spring Sports 2024

Special Events
student on basketball court

Special Events

Racquetball, Tennis, and Dodgeballl 
This Spring

Special events are one and two-day tournaments that offer the same great experience with less time commitment.

Sports Facilities

Intramural sports are played at the following facilities: 

Intramural Sports Fields

The SportsPlex

The Recreation and Wellness Center

Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Sports Facilities

Play For The Shirt

Known as "the shirt" on Auburn's campus, intramural sports participants take it seriously and look to expand their collection with each passing season. The intramural champ shirt changes with the semester and represents bragging rights for multiple sports each year. We've included designs from 2014 forward below, and we will add them to the collection as each new semester approaches. 

Intramural sports are a great way to meet new people on campus, stay fit, and to create some school-life balance. You can do it for all those reasons, or you can simply just "play for the shirt." 

Play for the Shirt

Intramural Sports Shirts 2014 to Present

Contact IM Sports

Contact IM Sports

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