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Substance Use Resources

Image by Maxim Tolchinskiy

Tiger Education Screening Intervention, or TESI, is a one-on-one educational intervention program designed to help students reduce the risks associated with alcohol and/or substance use. 

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SUIT, is a comprehensive program focused on supporting individuals who struggle with problematic alcohol and/or substance use or for those who desire accountability for their personal alcohol and/or substance use goals. 


Tobacco Intervention Education (TIE) is an individual intervention program for students found in violation of the Smoke Free campus policy or who may want to gain a better understanding of their nicotine or tobacco use.

Image by Michael Discenza

The CRC: The Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) provides a place for students in recovery to participate in a continuing care program. The CRC provides a nurturing, affirming environment where individuals  can find peer support while attending college. 

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Alcohol- and drug-related overdoses are serious. Know what signs to look for and what to do in an alcohol- or drug-related emergency by reviewing the information provided. If you suspect that someone has alcohol poisoning,  seek immediate medical care. 

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Looking for a presentation on a specific topic? Our staff can tailor most educational presentations for the needs of your organization.  Presentations are available for residence halls, fraternities and sororities, student organizations, and more. more information.

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